CI?! What is a Confidence Interval?

A little guide to understanding and use/read them and why TLC is in the mix?!

Defining Archetypes #3: Approaching a Clustering Analysis with a Season worth of Data

Describing the basic issues when using Clustering Analysis with a bigger dataset and a possible solution in the context of Legends of Runeterra decks.

Defining Archetypes #2: Discerning Archetypes by the Application of Clustering Analysis

Exploring Clustering Algorithms applied to Archetypes of Legends of Runeterra

LoR Meta Index (LMI) expansion by using Bo3 data

The LMI is limited in its current setting as it uses only playrates and win-rates. By using Bo3 data we propose a way to expand the LMI with a ban-index

Defining Archetypes #1: Looking at the similarity of Akshan/Sivir/Zed with similar archetypes

First entry on a series of article that will gather my explorations over different way to define archetypes in Legends of Runeterra

An exploratory analysis to Mastery Curve in LoR

Applying the concept of Learning Curve to Legends of Runeterras' decks.

Matching games by 'Expected Win Rate'

Using a Pseudo-Propensity Score Matching to reduce sample bias when comparing win rates between players in LoR.

An Irelia's World

Looking at the metagame response to Azir/Irelia's

Developing a LoR-Meta score

Recreating the viciousSyndicate (vS) - Meta Score for Legends of Runeterras.

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