First week of patch 2.12 / Ruination Event.

Valentino (Legna) Vazzoler


Number of (Ranked) games analyzed: 58568

by the Numbers
Patch 2.13 first week / Master players1,2
Characteristic N = 108,7163
Ranked 58,568 (54%)
Other 31,917 (29%)
to Scrap 9,962 (9.2%)
Friendly 8,269 (7.6%)
americas 55,315 (51%)
asia 17,841 (16%)
europe 35,560 (33%)

1 Max datetime recovered: 2021-07-21 20:59:53.7871 UTC from 2021-07-14 21:00:00 to 2021-07-21 21:00:00 UTC

2 EU Master players in the ladder: 918 while number of possible Master players recovered is: 916

NA Master players in the ladder: 1042 while number of possible Master players recovered is: 1045

ASIA Master players in the ladder: 394 while number of possible Master players recovered is: 395

3 Metadata from Friendly Matches (that aren't Bo3) is not recoverable, the value may not be perfect since I lack the starting time of the game. The amount of Games to still scrap is also an estimation based on the 'position' of the game

Note: While I’ll use the site more, some may prefer the format I use in RPubs (mainly the better toc) so I’ll try to also create an RPub version or provide more tools / pages for an easier search of the data.


Play Rate



Region Play Rate
Relative Frequencies by Inclusion Rate of a Region
Region Freq Shard
America Asia Europe
Shurima 25.44% 23.17% 25.67% 27.86%
Ionia 20.46% 20.70% 20.49% 20.18%
Bilgewater 11.32% 11.29% 13.59% 10.28%
ShadowIsles 11.12% 11.10% 11.44% 10.99%
Noxus 10.25% 9.85% 9.47% 11.07%
PnZ 8.42% 9.13% 7.06% 8.27%
Freljord 6.22% 6.97% 6.10% 5.45%
Demacia 4.29% 5.28% 3.32% 3.65%
MtTargon 2.48% 2.52% 2.85% 2.25%

Play Rate by number of Cards



Region Play Rate
Relative Frequencies by number of times a Card within a Region is included in a Deck
Region Freq Shard
America Asia Europe
Shurima 23.32% 21.74% 24.87% 24.34%
Ionia 21.05% 21.27% 19.71% 21.45%
ShadowIsles 13.88% 13.69% 13.96% 14.05%
Bilgewater 11.89% 12.37% 13.73% 10.48%
Noxus 9.53% 9.07% 8.93% 10.34%
PnZ 8.52% 8.89% 7.27% 8.70%
Demacia 4.86% 5.91% 3.60% 4.28%
Freljord 4.71% 4.79% 5.20% 4.38%
MtTargon 2.24% 2.28% 2.72% 1.96%

Champions Combinations

Play Rates

In this section I provide the play rate of which combinations of champions (plus the regions) are used in a deck. The champions showed right before a game starts for example. Right now it’s a simple approximation of the archetypes played in the ladder as such information is not restrictive enough.



Day by Day

Highlisting the top10 most played decks (at the moment of the last game played).

Win Rates

Tie games are excluded

Update: Since I’m tidying the code and site it would be better to better define some rules and one of them is the criteria I use for displaying “Meta decks” Win Rates and “Underdogs” Win Rates. Defining “Meta decks” as everything above 1% Play Rate seems fine and it’s also used by other analyst. “Underdog” decks are less obvious, surely they needs to be below 1% but with with which condition to be eligible? Aside for a positive Win Rate of course. If they are “Underdog” they probably can’t be too many so in the report I opted to show as “Underdog” decks the top10 decks (by Win Rate) with Play Rate in [0.1%,1%)

Meta Decks

Win rates of the most played combination of champions. Play Rate >= 1%


Top Win rates of the least played combination of champions. Play rate \(\in\) [0.1%,1%)1.

Match Ups

Match-up Grid

Just a different way to print the table of the MU grid, more an experimentation

Match-up Grid v2

The win rates on the grid are among the 10 most played champion combination.

Match-up Table

Filtered cases with less than 100 games

Deck Structure of the week

Akshan? Viego? Akshan Lee? Those are all boring choices and don’t need any help to add more spice to the meta. This week I wasn’t sure what to choose but then I saw a strange combination with “Sivir / Twisted Fate” so I guess this is what I’ll highlist.

Sivir / Twisted Fate

Update: Modified the color to be more uniform with the rest of the report and site.

How to read the table:
- Play rate: How often a card is included in this class of decks / the table is order by this column.
- 3/2/1 is the relative and absolute frequency of the number of copies in the decks that plays them
- Frequencies from 50% to 100% are colored from shades of green to white to identify more easily the highest values

What’s the deal with Akshan/Lee?

When discussing about the performance about Akshan / Lee Sin decks a player told me that even in Master there’s a difference in performance from top players compared to the others so I decided to take a little look at the data.

Characteristic N notTop100_Master, N = 2,1861 Top100_Master, N = 1,8441
game_outcome 4,030
loss 1,143 (52%) 916 (50%)
win 1,043 (48%) 928 (50%)

1 n (%)

At a first look it seems that there’s indeed a difference and the top100 players are indeed better. But why? I opted to look at their “mastery” with the deck

From here it seems that “one of” the reasons why there’s a difference is also because of the dedication to play the deck that rewards dedication. How much is probably overestimated for the top100 and underestimated because of the few points for the other Masters players.

The conclusion? Well, I guess it can differ for different point of views. Indeed maybe Akshan/Lee is not as bad as it looks at first glance but one may also ask if it’s worth the time since it’s performance on the ladder is still mediocre but if it’s done while aiming at tournaments again it’s another context. You (players) decide.

LoR-Meta Index (LMI)

The LMI 2 is an Index I developed to measure the performance of decks in the metagame. For those who are familiar with basic statistical concept I wrote a document to explain the theory behind it: , it’s very similar to vicioussyndicate (vS) Meta Score from their data reaper report. The score of each deck is not just their “strength”, it takes in consideration both play rates and win rates that’s why I prefer to say it measure the “performance”. The values range from 0 to 100 and the higher the value, the higher is the performance.

Cards Presence

Play Rate

Twin Disciplines is closing in against Sharpsight! Will be able to see a new top auto-include?

Top 3 Play Rates by Region

Forgotten Cards

Cards that couldn’t find place even in a meme deck.

Region Bilgewater Demacia Freljord Ionia MtTargon Noxus PnZ Shurima
1 Sunk Cost Dawnspeakers Scarthane Steffen Nimble Poro Wish Trifarian Shieldbreaker Mushroom Cloud Destined Poro
2 Wise Fry Plucky Poro Entomb Scaled Snapper Fledgling Stellacorn Savage Reckoner Golden Crushbot
3 Vanguard Lookout Shadowshift Stargazer Aurok Glinthorn Eminent Benefactor
4 Silverwing Diver Sleepy Trouble Bubble Hunt the Weak Unstable Voltician
5 Wrathful Rider Caustic Cask
6 Noxkraya Arena

Legal bla bla

This Meta Report was created under Riot Games’ “Legal Jibber Jabber” policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.

  1. Min number of games 50, during the times a meta/ladder just changed.↩︎

  2. LMI - Early Theory↩︎